How You Can Benefit From Anti Allergy Bedding

If you find yourself diagnosed with indoor allergies then you may really benefit from investing in anti allergy bedding.  Considering the fact that you spend approximately one third of your life in bed sleeping, if you are affected by allergies then your sleep and ultimately your health is being compromised.  Whether you have issues with animal dander or dust mites, you can transform your bed into a tranquil allergen-free zone with the help of good housekeeping and anti allergy bedding.

The Enemy

Nasty little dust mites that are completely invisible to the naked eye are the viscous primary offenders when speaking about bedroom allergens.  Traditional pillows, comforters and mattresses all provide a hospitable environment for those aggravating annoyances to make their homes.  A typical mattress has the ability to harbor 10 million of these little pests.  Dust mites thrive in warm, dark, humid environments and need to consume dead skin in order to stay alive.

Pet dander and dust are also elements that cause a great deal of discomfort for those that suffer from allergies.  You will find that you can greatly benefit from anti allergy bedding because virtually any horizontal surface can be a home for allergens so you need to take adequate measures to reduce these things from making their presence known in your bedroom.

Allergen Barrier Covers

You want to encase your box spring, mattress and pillow with anti allergy bedding.  Regular bedding and mattresses are prime real estate to house dust mites so if you are worried about allergens, you are smart to deprive them of their home.  Allergen barrier fabrics that are used in the production of anti allergy bedding will allow you to easily accomplish that.

Pore Size

Anti allergy bedding allows you to choose a pore size that will best suit your needs.  For example, if you suffer from a dust mite allergy then you want to choose bedding that has a pore size of 10 microns or less.  However, if your allergies are associated with pet dander then you will want to look for a pore size that is under six microns.  The pore size can be found on the product description of the anti allergy bedding packaging.

Keep It Clean

To kill dust mites living in your bedroom your sheets and blankets need to be washed a minimum of once or twice every week in extremely hot water with a temperature of at least 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is Your Bedding Make You Sick?

It is estimated that approximately half of homes in the United States have enough dust mites in their bedding that can cause asthma and allergies.  Additionally, 45 percent of these households have a level of dust mites that can actually trigger allergies.  Research suggests that at least 44 million homes that are in the United States alone are at risk for allergies and asthma because of their bedding and at least half of these home have a high enough level of allergens to trigger a serious asthmatic attack.

What Anti Allergy Bedding Is Available?

Pillow covers, mattress pads and duvets are all available made from special anti allergy material.  They are machine washable in very hot water and are proven to eliminate dust mites and other indoor allergens.  Some products are said to be a little noisy and make a rustle noise when you move around, as well as making you sweat like crazy.  Try to find choices that are derived from bamboo to eliminate the noise and the warm body temperature, allowing you to have a peaceful and healthy sleep at night.




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