Choosing a Natural Allergy Remedy

In some cases, the use of a natural allergy remedy can be just as effective as medications that are often prescribed. The benefits of natural and herbal remedies for allergies are that they are chemical free and have limited side effects. When choosing herbal and natural allergy treatments, it is best to avoid mixing them with medications or drugs as possible side effect from this type of mixing can be dangerous.

Allergies are a part of life for many people. For some people these allergies show up during specific seasonal parts of the year, while others suffer from chronic allergies all year long. The body’s immune system reaction to a specific environmental factor is what causes allergy symptoms to develop. As an allergen enters the body, the immune system chooses to attack it and releases histamine to do so. It is this histamine that causes the signs and symptoms associated with allergies. Because histamine is a natural chemical released by the body, there are some natural substances that can help neutralize its effects on the body. An allergen can be just about anything as long as that specific person’s immune system registers it as threat. For many people this means environmental substances, foods, insects, plants or chemicals. Symptoms of allergies can include coughing, sneezing, itching, watery eyes, difficulty breathing, dermatitis, running nose and stuffiness. These symptoms can be anywhere between mildly annoying to extremely severe.

Many medications that are listed in the allergy remedy category are effective, but they also may have undesirable side effects. Some are prescription only while others are available over the counter. Some medications can also be expensive. If you are taking any form of medication for allergy relief, whether over the counter or by prescription, check with your doctor before attempting to add any herbal remedies to them.

One of the simplest natural forms of allergy relief can be found in salt. Creating a saline nasal spray solution by mixing salt and water is a very effective and safe way to remove debris and mucous from the throat and nasal passages. The theory of orthomolecular process uses vitamin supplements to strengthen the body while reducing the immune system’s responses. This involves using natural vitamins and other compounds in specific combinations. Quercetin is a flavoid compound with natural anti-histamine properties that is often used with Vitamin C to neutralize allergy symptoms. Vitamin A and Vitamin B-12 have anti-inflammatory abilities and Vitamin E is an immune system booster. Rosemary has been shown to strengthen the body’s nervous system, reduce inflammation that can affect breathing and white pine is a natural expectorant and contains antioxidants. When used in the right combinations these supplements can be effective allergy relief.

Specific herbs and plants also have shown the ability to be used as a natural allergy remedy. Burdock aids in respiratory processes, Mullein helps with congestion, grape seed extract can help boost the immune system and Eyebright can be effective in clearing the mucus membranes. Marshmallow root is also useful for expelling mucus from the body naturally. Stinging nettle has long been used as an effective hay fever treatment and the European herb butterbur plant is a popular anti-histamine tool.

Other natural ways to fight off the symptoms of allergies involve spicy foods. These serve to naturally clear the throat and nasal passages. Hot ginger, cayenne peppers, garlic, and onions can all work as remedies. Acupuncture can be a natural cure for many types of disorders and problems, allergies are included in this list. This very specific type of medicine uses very fine needles on very specific places of the body to effect how the body’s processes work. It has been shown to be an extremely effective tool against allergy symptoms. Many of these natural forms of treatments can be a valuable and medication-free way to reduce the affects of the allergy season.




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